Ahora que te vas, te quiero desear que te vaya bien, que te quieran más que allá donde estés, tengas buena suerte. Para no fallar, yo voy a rezar ya pedí por tí, yo voy a implorar pa’ que seas feliz, para que progreses Ahora que te vas, mira como soy quiero para ti, un mundo mejor de lo que te doy, como veinte veces Y... more →
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Lyric ALEX DAY Candy Floss

We ran through the rain together You said I looked nice, I said you looked pretty You held my hand, you pulled me close And whispered “take me home” We turned around as fast as we could And jumped on the very next train I said “I love you more than life” You said “I feel the same” And we talked... more →
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Lyric ALIZEE Amélie M’A Dit

Amelie m’a dit Solitaire, petit nuage rond Dans le ciel, des formes a l’abandon… La lumiere, l’etincelle qui lui dit Que la mienne se languit de lui, mais J’apprehende l’ombre Qu’il fait sur moi, quand ca n’va pas Comprendre ses ombres, L’aider s’il a, confiance en moi Couper... more →
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Tal vez no quieras que esta melodía Te susurre el alma y te lleve al recuerdo Tal vez auque no estemos juntos Sentirás el aire que viene por ti Quizás no quieras que la cobardía De tu corazón no cure mi silencio Tal vez nunca te has detenido A reemplazar tu orgullo por mi amanecer Tal vez soy yo el que se equivoca Cuando pienso... more →
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ToBa Dreams, Bukan Sekadar Film Komedi Biasa

WAJIB DITONTON: T.B. Silalahi (kiri) menyaksikan Event Manager Jawa Pos Rensi Dewi Bulan mengenakan topi baret kepada pemeran Sersan Tebe, Mathias Muchus, pada premier film ToBa Dreams di XXI Tunjungan Plaza, Kamis (23/4). Foto Satria Nugraha/Radar Surabaya/ SURABAYA – Orang tua memiliki mimpi masing-masing... more →
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Lyric ALISON KRAUSS On The Borderline

There’s a chill on this evening, nights right for greaving, Darkness surrounds him as he wanders alone He walked past the dim lights, the pathways and street lights They remind him, of nights long ago, When his love was strong and his muscles hard, His whiskey throat was barley marred, Seeking misfortune in the lies that he... more →
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Lyric ALISON KRAUSS Away Down The River

Baby dry your eyes There’s no need to cry Cause I’ll see you again It might be a while Before you understand [Chorus:] I’m just away down the river A hundred miles or more Crossing over Jordan To the other shore I’ll be standing waiting With all who’ve gone before I’m just away down the river A... more →
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Jilbab Meidum – Princess Natasha – Jilbab Praktis | Modis | Cantik | Instan | Motif | Pendek | Panjang | Umroh | Kerudung

JILBAB MEDIUM – PRINCESS NATASHA Jilbab berukuran mediun berbahan brocade mewah dengan aplikasi lace manis sangat girly, nyaman dipakai Dengan pilihan warna yang cantik dan cerah buat hari hari makan ceria dan berwarna Available Color : (Ket Gambar)Harga Retail : Rp. 95.000,00Detail Order : sms/wa 081910338486 (Riska) more →
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Lyric ALISON KRAUSS Oh, Atlanta

Same old place Same old city What can I do? I’m falling in love I’m just an old hound dog Roaming around, oh Lord I’ve got all this and Heaven above Oh, Atlanta I hear you calling I’m coming back to you one fine day No need to worry There ain’t no hurry cause I’m On my way back to Georgia On my... more →
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